Design Engineer

We are hiring! Product Design & Development Engineer position in Oswestry

An exciting opportunity to join a very well established and progressive independent specialist safety equipment manufacturer, producing confined space equipment, fall and load arrest devices.

  • The purpose of this role is to bring innovative design and development skills for new and existing products to the business.
  • Will be required to develop design concepts, undertake research, create detailed drawings and modelling of final designs.
  • Full preparation of product technical files, along with specific quality control documents/procedures, assembly documents/procedures, and product renders/images for marketing purposes.
  • Liaise with the auditing and testing houses to get products fit for manufacture/market.
  • Working to the relevant European & British standards and work on bespoke projects with a very short lead time from brief to manufacture.
  • Liaison with internal production departments from concept to delivery, following the quality procedures to ensure correct product quality standard is achieved.

In addition to the above scope, it would be advantageous if the candidate has:

  • Experience in CAD Design Engineering software, in particular Autodesk Inventor and the associated FEA system Nastran.
  • Knowledge and experience of safety equipment manufacturing, specifically fall and load arrest equipment, but this is not essential.
  • Good interpersonal skills to successfully liaise with colleagues at all levels throughout the organisation.
  • The ability to recognise potential quality issues through production and indicate these to the supervisors.
  • Experience with creating reports to outline production pitfalls would also be a distinct advantage as well as experience with creating bills of materials.
  • Understanding of the need to record time and expenditure against projects.
  • Extensively used Microsoft Office/similar programs.

Full time role.


Confined Space Pulleys

Pulley Wheels & Rope Diameters

Many confined space and over-edge anchor devices use pulley wheels to redirect ropes. Although sometimes not given much consideration, the pulley wheel is a major part of the system.

Globestock's confined space anchors, such as the G.Tripod and G.Davit, utilise precision-engineered pulleys that are manufactured to perfectly suit the diameters of the ropes that are used with the equipment (5mm). The groove that the rope sits in is just the right size to cradle and support it.

Why does it matter?

If the pulley's rope groove is too narrow, the rope doesn't sit comfortably at the bottom of the groove. The pulley wheel will pinch at the rope as it spins, thereby affecting service life and performance.

If the pulley groove is too wide, the rope flattens as it is pulled against the wheel because the rope's outer surface is not supported by the groove's walls. Over time, this can weaken the rope.

Both cases lead to additional stress on the rope and result in accelerated wear.

Anything that causes rope wear in any form has the potential to be catastrophic, but you can rely on Globestock's expertise to take care of all these little details!

Rope Kits

Rope Kits

In confined space access systems, the rope kit is critical.

That’s why we make our own rope kits at our factory in Shropshire, UK.

Before assembling anything, we conduct a tensile test on every new reel that we receive. This isn’t a requirement of any standard, but we go that extra length to deliver extra peace of mind.

After test and assembly, each reel and rope kit is assigned an ID number that is tracked through our manufacturing software. For every block we produce, we can tell you exactly what reel was used, when it was sourced, tested and assembled, and by whom.

It’s all about quality, traceability and absolute dependability.