SENTRY confined space tripods set up for use


Globestock Safety has introduced a fresh identity and certification for its highly acclaimed confined space access tripod.


Rubber foot for a confined space access tripod

Now officially ANSI certified, the former G.Tripod will be rebranded and sold as the SENTRY Tripod, harmonising it with Globestock Safety's recent revamp of their popular SAVER and STOP products.

The G.Tripod 230, launched in early 2021, quickly gained widespread adoption by confined space operators due to its innovative features, such as the smart folding head, for quick and easy assembly, and the exclusive 'compact' height option.

Tripod head of the SENTRY Tripod
SENTRY Tripod, folded for storage

With a maximum working load of 200 kg (for personnel) and (250 kg for loads) the SENTRY Tripod allows simultaneous use by multiple individuals. Its lightweight design ensures durability, providing a secure anchorage for confined space access and rescue. To complement the rebrand, the design has been updated to include an upgraded stainless steel locking pin, improving durability even further.

True to its new name, the SENTRY Tripod stands tall, dependable, and prepared for action. Click here to view.