The AUTOREEL webbing block fall arrester is an excellent lightweight, compact solution.

Weighing just 1.25kg (complete with karabiner), it is a fall arrester that can used as a safe alternative to a shock absorbing lanyard.

We supply two versions, one with an Equal D karabiner at the top, and one with a scaffold karabiner at the top.

  • GSE1050 (with Equal D karabiner)
  • GSE1050SC (with scaffold karabiner)
  • G.AutoReel
140kg MWL
Globestock CE



  • Lightweight & compact
  • 1.25kg (inc. connectors)
  • Includes top karabiner (not pictured)
  • Integrated shock absorber
  • Fall indicator
  • 2.5m
  • 140kg max. working load


The AUTOREEL inertia reel keeps the webbing lifeline taught against the user and eliminates the potential for slack webbing, which reduces freefall distance.

A impact-absorbing casing gives good protection with high durability, and the unit features a shock absorbing element.

The quick acting locking mechanism results in lower forces being exerted on the user’s body during a fall, thereby reducing the risk of injury.


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