The G.Tripod is available in two size options: Standard or Compact

Compact Tripod Kits

tripod kit with fall arrest block
tripod kit with arrester and harness
confined space kit with winch and block
confined space kit with winch, lifeline and harness
compact tripod kit with blue SRL
tripod kit with 34m fall arrest block

Standard Tripod Kits

tripod bundle with self retracting lifeline
tripod kit with self retracting lifeline
confined space kit with lifeline, winch and tripod.
tripod kit including harness, man-riding winch and fall arrester
tripod kit with SRL
kit with tripod, personnel winch, fall arrest block
confined space access tripod with 250kg winch, arrester and harness
tripod kit with fall arrestor
tripod kit with 250kg winch, self retracting lifeline and brackets
tripod winch kit 250kg 20m