A framed BSIF Registered Safety Supplier certificate

Globestock Safety is now a BSIF Registered Safety Supplier

Registered Safety Supplier Scheme:

All personal protective equipment (PPE) must undergo accurate testing and certification to meet the relevant European standards. Unfortunately, there is a growing influx of non-approved products being circulated in the UK. These unauthorized items pose a serious risk to safety and should not be utilized for business activities, as they violate safety legislation.

Numerous products claim to have CE approvals, but many lack the appropriate certification. Even more concerning, some items are counterfeit versions of existing products. Our observation indicates that such products fail to perform as expected, jeopardizing lives and potentially leading to legal consequences for the user.

To address this issue, the BSIF has established the Registered Safety Supplier (RSS) scheme. Companies displaying the scheme's logo have formally declared their commitment to providing safety equipment that meets the required standards, fully adheres to PPE regulations, and bears the appropriate CE marking.

All Registered Safety Suppliers undergo independent audits to verify their compliance with the scheme's standards.

It's crucial to remember that opting for a Registered Safety Supplier ensures you receive genuine, appropriately approved products. You can trust that the advice provided will be accurate and transparent, without any attempts to mislead you.