Confined Space Pulleys

Pulley Wheels & Rope Diameters

Many confined space and over-edge anchor devices use pulley wheels to redirect ropes. Although sometimes not given much consideration, the pulley wheel is a major part of the system.

Globestock's confined space anchors, such as the G.Tripod , utilise precision-engineered pulleys that are manufactured to perfectly suit the diameters of the ropes that are used with the equipment (5mm). The groove that the rope sits in is just the right size to cradle and support it.

Why does it matter?

If the pulley's rope groove is too narrow, the rope doesn't sit comfortably at the bottom of the groove. The pulley wheel will pinch at the rope as it spins, thereby affecting service life and performance.

If the pulley groove is too wide, the rope flattens as it is pulled against the wheel because the rope's outer surface is not supported by the groove's walls. Over time, this can weaken the rope.

Both cases lead to additional stress on the rope and result in accelerated wear.

Anything that causes rope wear in any form has the potential to be catastrophic, but you can rely on Globestock's expertise to take care of all these little details!