A group of SAVER fall arresters

Globestock announce major product upgrade of the famous G.Saver SRL

Re-branded as ‘SAVER’, this new iteration of a market leading fall arrest block promises so much more than the average product re-release. Moreover, the SAVER is now certified to the latest versions of the ANSI/ASSP, CSA, EN and AS-NZS standards.


SAVER SRL, fall arrest, self retracting lifeline
  • The label design has been refreshed and modernized. Labelling now utilises clear, easy-to-understand pictograms. This improves the user experience and ability to understand how to use the equipment correctly.
  • The old metal ID plate was replaced with a durable, corrosion-resistant label with a QR code helping users quickly find User Instructions online.
  • Extensive modification of internal parts has resulted in even better performance and compliancy with the tougher requirements of the latest versions of ANSI/ASSP & EN 360.
  • The anchorage connection point has been redesigned to allow off-the-shelf snap hooks / karabiners to be utilised when hung.
SAVER SRL fall arrester, profile view
SAVER SRL fall arrester, side
  • The lifeline’s shock absorber spring has been replaced with a rubber stopper, which is more durable, has less recoil upon impact and will fare better in corrosive environments.
  • Meets or surpasses the demanding requirements of multiple standards. Namely, ANSI/ASSP Z359.14-2021, CSA Z259.2.2-2017, AS-NZS1891.3-2020, EN1496:2006 Class B and EN 360 (2022).
  • Now available with a synthetic lifeline – reduces weight, improves handling and beneficial in environments with electrocution risks.
  • Overhauled user instructions; clear and easy to understand and available in multiple languages.
  • Several changes that make assembly and servicing more efficient, such as standardising the head types on screws.
SAVER SRL Fall Arrester, rear

Overall, Globestock’s latest product upgrade goes much further than simply tweaking some aspects of the design. All the modifications combine to deliver an unbeatable fall arrest and retrieval device that promises to be truly market leading. The SAVER is a major ‘levelling up’ of what was already a highly regarded SRL. Still designed and manufactured in Britain by experts, the improved SAVER opens a new chapter in Globestock’s longstanding engineering heritage, and firmly places Globestock at the forefront of the confined space access and work at height sectors.

The all-new SAVER is available now.