Case Study: Waste Water Site


UK water treatment company


QAB Systems


The waste water site engineers regularly require access to 6m deep settlement tanks. Historically, access was provided by the construction of scaffolding and insertion of a staircase or ladders. The construction of scaffolding required a team of scaffolders and a day to construct. This process was time consuming and proved to be an expensive job, taking up to a week to get scaffolders mobilised, the scaffold built, job completed, and then the scaffold removed. Additionally, downtime of the plant itself was an issue and cost, even though the maintenance work itself is a very simple task that does not take long to perform.


An Xtirpa Mezzanine clamp with Xtirpa 610 Davit, with Globestock SAVER fall arrest block and a Globestock personnel winch.

This system can be utilised for raising/lowering personnel into the settlement tank and delivers a fall arrest recovery plan (due to the deployment of the SAVER rescue block). All of this equipment can be assembled in under 20 minutes, with the entrant able to complete the maintenance work immediately after setup. This means the engineers can react to tasks quickly. The cost of the job has now been drastically reduced; there are multiple tanks at the site, so the savings run into the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Full training on setup and use of the equipment was provided by Globestock’s distributor, leading to engineers being self-sufficient in accessing deep tanks.

There is a video showing how to setup this system available here.

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