The G.Winch is specifically certified for the lifting and lowering of personnel. It is a personnel winch that may also be used for load lifting.

There are two versions available: 150kg MWL (up to 50m)  and 250kg MWL (up to 40m).

  • Personnel Winch
150kg MWL
MWL 250kg
Globestock CE



The anti-run braking mechanism means that, if the winding arm is released during lifting, the winch automatically locks, holding the person / load steady until the handle is rotated again by the operator.

The 1:8.9 gear ratio make personnel lifting easy, and allows 50mm of cable retrieval per rotation.

May be mounted to various anchor devices.


  • 150kg or 250kg MWL
  • Anti-run brake
  • Up to 50m cable (250kg model max. 40m)
  • Heavy duty
  • Galvanised or stainless steel cable
  • Can be mounted to the G.Tripod or G.Davit
Item Code* Max. Cable Length MWL Options
GSE070-150-50G 50m 150kg Stainless steel cable
GSE070-150-40G 40m
GSE070-150-30G 30m
GSE070-150-20G 20m
GSE070-250-40G 40m 250kg
GSE070-250-30G 30m
GSE070-250-20G 20m

* with galvanised steel cable (fitted as standard)

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