Please be advised that the units specified below are being retired from service. They will no longer be certifiable from 09/09/21 due to their diminishing circulation.

This means that Globestock and our service agents will not be able to service these particular units after the above date. The change will not affect the majority of Globestock service agents because most of these units will have been retired from service already.

However, due to the durability of these products, please be aware that a few units are still in circulation. We have identified some end users who still deploy these older units; those customers will be notified of the retirement very soon.

For retired units possessing certification that expires after the retirement date, existing certificates will remain valid until expired.

Please note that pre-CE G.winches are being retired from service. If a G.Winch unit carries a CE mark, it is still in service and will not yet be retired.

Please use the PDF document or our Serial Number Checker Tool, to confirm whether certain units are affected (buttons below):


Serial Number Checker