Notification Regarding Rope Kits

Please be aware that we are changing G.Stop and G.Saver rope kits' codes, effective 18/10/21. With this change the rope kit range has been reduced and consolidated with a new code system. In addition, we have introduced the ‘Mark’ system to simplify which era unit a rope kit belongs to.

This change is being undertaken because the existing rope kit labelling system has become overly complex and convoluted, making ordering spares difficult for service agents.

The new codes will look like this:


To make things simple, the new code will begin with RK, to denote ‘Rope Kit’. This will be followed by the first letter of the material of the wire rope, which will be either G (galvanised steel) or S (stainless steel), as shown above in green.

Following that, a number is used (shown in red) to indicate the wire diameter in mm. Following that there is a 2 digit number depicting the rope length in metres, as shown in purple. The total number of rope lengths we provide as standard has now been reduced.

Hyphenated at the end of the code is the mark number, as shown in orange. This is used to distinguish which rope guide will be present on the kit. Different guides have been used over the years and are not interchangeable. The mark number of a unit can be found using the serial number checker on the Globestock website (note, the mark is also referred to as the 'model').

So, the example code above is a rope kit with 5mm galvanised cable, 14m in length, for a mark 3 G.Stop/G.Saver.


Serial Number Checker

These is also a new list of rope kits that will be available:


Rope Kit Codes

The above change will come into effect on 18/10/21.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to get in touch.