Globestock's STOP fall arrester

Globestock Welcome the Upgraded ‘STOP’ Into Their Product Range

Following the exciting upgrade and rebrand of their famous SAVER product, Globestock have recertified the 10 m and 14 m G.Stop (now simply the ‘STOP’) for the latest EN 360 (2022).

Here’s a rundown of the changes:

  • The label design has undergone a complete overhaul, giving them a more contemporary look. They now incorporate straightforward, easily comprehensible pictograms, enhancing the user experience and enabling a clear understanding of how to correctly operate the equipment.
  • The former metal ID plate has been substituted with a robust, corrosion-resistant label featuring a QR code, which assists users in locating the User Instructions online easily.
  • The anchorage connection point has been redesigned to accommodate the use of readily available snap hooks or karabiners.
  • The lifeline's shock absorber spring has been replaced with a resilient rubber stopper, offering improved durability, reduced rebound upon impact, and enhanced resistance in corrosive settings.
  • The ferrules at the snap hook end are now heat-shrunk, aiding handling.
  • Complies with FprEN 360 (2022), including the new Energy Capacity Test requirements, which have led to significant modifications and enhancements internally.
  • Now offered with a synthetic lifeline, which reduces weight, improves handling, increases corrosion resistance, and is advantageous in environments where there is a risk of electrocution.
  • Overhauled user instructions - very clear and easy to understand.
  • Several modifications have been implemented to improve the efficiency of assembly and servicing, including the standardisation of screw head types.

Globestock's latest product enhancement goes well beyond minor design adjustments. All these changes come together to create an unparalleled fall arrest device. The STOP represents a significant advancement from what was already a highly-esteemed fall arrester. Designed and produced by skilled professionals in Britain, the enhanced STOP is a new milestone in Globestock's rich engineering legacy, firmly establishing Globestock as a leader in the work at height industry.