XLT Fall Arrest system deployed in a factory

Case Study: Factory Work at Height

Client: Industrial Factory

Distributor: Durham Lifting Limited


Globestock's distributor Durham Lifting Limited was requested to solve their customer's problem when accessing a number of machines to carry out everyday production and maintenance tasks.

Production operatives were accessing the machine from above via a platform, but with no realistic measures for preventing a fall into the machine or, in the worst case scenario, for rescuing an operative from within the machine after a fall. We and our distributor collaborated closely to provide a solution to ensure their operatives were working safely whilst carrying out their duties.

XTIRPA XLT masts installed for fall arrest in a factory


An Xtirpa XLT Mast with a fixed base was proposed, with an adjustable height from 4.6m to 7.6m and an extended arm reach of 1.8m.

The XLT floor mounted socket was located as close as was practicable to the entry point to the machine, allowing the anchorage point to be as near to directly overhead as possible.

One of benefits of the XLT over other similar systems is that the Globestock Saver fall arrest and recovery block is mounted to the rear of the mast. The Saver's cable goes over pulleys, along the arm and down to the user. This means that the user is always connected to the system and, should a fall occur, it allows easy and simple rescue by operating the Saver's rescue winch from floor level.

After the initial system was installed and trialled, a further nine systems were purchased by the client for all areas of the factory.

Once installed, full training on how to use the equipment was provided by Globestock to all members of the production and maintenance team.