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Arrester / Arrestor ?
July 28th, 2015


Arrester / Arrestor?

You may have noticed that we use two different spellings of the word ‘arrester’ on our website. When referring to fall arresters we adopt the ‘er’ spelling, but when referring to load arrestors we adopt the ‘or’ spelling. This isn’t accidental!

Technically, the ‘er’ version is correct in the UK, whereas ‘or’ is correct in American English. So why do we insist on using different spellings for different types of product?  Wouldn’t it be far easier, and more consistent, to stick to one version in all cases?

Yes, it would. However, we’ve conducted some research and have discovered that the overwhelming majority of internet users use these different spellings when searching online.  Hardly anybody searches for ‘load arrester’, whereas nearly everybody searches for ‘load arrestor’. Interestingly, it is vice versa for fall arresters. So, in order to make our website user-friendly and ensure that customers find our products when searching online (SEO!), we’ve decided to utilise the more popular spellings, rather than technically correct spellings.

On a similar subject, fall arresters are also commonly referred to as inertia reels, FAB (fall arrest blocks) and SRL (self-retracting lifelines).

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