Globestock supply a range of restraint and shock-absorbing safety lanyards. All made in Britain.

Karabiners are supplied separately (unless otherwise stated). Colours may vary.

  • Restraint Lanyard
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Restraint Lanyards

Restraint lanyards prevent a user from falling by restricting access to an edge, or by preventing movement towards a hazardous area.

Restraint lanyards should not be used as part of a fall arrest system; for work restraint purposes only.


Shock Absorber Lanyards

These lanyards feature a shock absorber element in order to reduce the loading in the event of a fall.

When using a shock absorbing lanyard, ensure that the fall path is free of obstructions and that the working height is sufficient to stop the user’s fall.

The Twin-Leg Lanyard (GSE1044) may be used for moving along sections without becoming unanchored.

Lanyard Standard Code
Adjustable Restraint (1.25 - 1.75m) EN538 GSE1030
1.5m Restraint EN358 + EN354 GSE1035/1.5
2m Restraint EN358 + EN354 GSE1035/2
2m Shock Absorber EN354 + EN355 GSE1040
1.5m Twin Leg EN354 + EN355 GSE1044

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Restraint Infosheet

Shock Asborber Infosheet

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