G.Guard load arrestors are heavy-duty fall arrest blocks for protecting equipment that is suspended at height.

300kg, 500kg and 1000kg versions available.

  • G.Guard 300kg Load Arrestor
300kg MWL
Globestock CE



  • Shock absorbing brake cushions the fall
  • High grade galvanised steel cable is fitted as standard on all models. Stainless steel cable is available as an option. Fitting stainless steel cable may affect the MWL, contact us for details.

Load arrestors provide a secondary safety back-up for overhead loads, used in conjunction with a primary lifting device or support, such as a hoist or fixed anchorage. If the primary support fails, the load arrestor will automatically stop the load from falling, thereby preventing damage to the load and, more importantly, protecting people below.

Globestock’s G.Guard load arrestors have a high-strength retractable cable that extracts and retracts, following the movement of the load. This means the G.Guards can be fitted to equipment that needs to be moved (dynamic loads), as well as to non-moving (static) loads.

G.Guards are a cost-effective, straight-forward way of managing risk.

MWL Item Code Cable Length
300kg GSE300-1-7G 7m
GSE300-1-10G 10m
GSE300-1-12G 12m
GSE300-2-15G 15m
GSE300-2-18G 18m
GSE300-4-20G 20m
GSE300-4-25G 25m

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Installation Form

Drawing - 12m

Drawing - 18m

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