The G.Davit is a lightweight EN795 + TS16415 anchorage device for confined space access and working at height situations, for temporary or permanent access. It may be used as an anchor by more than one person simultaneously, providing the MWL is not exceeded.

The product has a maximum working load (MWL) of 200kg for personnel, and 250kg for loads. Designed for use with the G.Saver II and G.Winch. For use in conjunction with our growing range of davit sockets (required).

  • Personnel Davit
2 Person Lifting
200kg Personnel MWL
250kg Loads MWL
Globestock CE



  • Light 18kg (GSED200-80). Manufactured from aluminium.
  • Safe Both the G.Winch and G.Saver II can be mounted in an ergonomic position on the same side of the mast, keeping the top operator away from the edge.
  • Smart Clever cable routing keeps rope away from the area of operation, reducing risk.
  • Adaptable up to 760mm reach (see table below).
  • Portable Compact and easy to carry.
  • Quick Simple assembly, no tools required.
  • Reliable Manufactured in the UK by Globestock; rapid distribution and fast spares response.
Item Code Strut Setting Reach Setting Dimension (mm)
A - B
GSED200-60 1 Shortest 280 2100
Longest 415 2280
2 Shortest 355 2035
Longest 520 2190
3 Shortest 415 1955
Longest 610 2070
GSED200-80 (supplied as standard) 1 Shortest 350 2160
Longest 550 2410
2 Shortest 430 2090
Longest 665 2300
3 Shortest 490 2005
Longest 760 2155
Davit Size

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