"Engineering Protection Since 1982"

Made in Britain
September 7th, 2018

Made in Britain

Established in 1982, Globestock manufacture and supply a wide range of high quality solutions for confined space access, working at height and load arrest.

We take immense pride in our 36 years of British manufacturing heritage and to this day we engineer products that we are proud to put our name to. An in-house Design & Development department, backed-up by our manufacturing operation in the same building, alongside our quality test and inspection area, all ensure we have control over every aspect of our range.

We are equally proud to be ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and all our equipment carries the CE mark, so you can be confident in our ability to deliver for you and your client.

We Are Here

Since incorporation in 1982, we’ve been based in the market town of Oswestry, near the Welsh border.

Our location has been a distinct advantage. As well as being centrally positioned to serve the UK, we have been able to draw talent from both the West Midlands and Mid Wales regions, resulting in an outstanding team of people.

In addition to dependable safety equipment, we offer competitive leads times, fast spares response and industry-leading technical support.


Before manufacture can take place, Globestock’s dedicated Design and Development team take designs all the way from initial concept to final certification.

Concept sketches, 3D CAD modelling, digital stress analysis and prototyping are their thing. Just don’t get them taking about cars.

Apart from developing exciting new products, having a dedicated D+D team means we can quickly react to any design-change requirements as necessary, ensuring exceptional high quality on an ongoing basis.


All our raw materials are sourced from within the UK. The vast majority of the materials come from right here in the West Midlands.

When you’ve got excellence on your doorstep, why look elsewhere?

As well as keeping our carbon footprint down, sourcing locally wherever possible increases our control over what goes into products, thereby optimising the quality and trustworthiness of everything we manufacture.

Goods-In Inspection

All factored components are painstakingly checked against specific criteria before entering stock. Anything that’s not up to scratch stops here.

The Goods-In Inspection stage protects against sub-standard components being used in products, further ensuring that only the highest standard of goods make it out the door.

Some say we’re obsessive… we’re just very particular.


CNC machines, operated by expert engineers, process the raw materials and castings, getting them ready for assembly.

Having this resource in-house gives us a huge amount of control over the manufacturing process, and allows the production team to immediately respond and assist with any design developments.

This ensures Globestock’s products are always the best they possibly can be, giving end users complete confidence.


Exemplary welding is a real craft, developed over years of experience.

Our welder Lee takes immense pride in his work… it’s all about consistency, precision and attention to detail.

This focus delivers flawless welds, which are critical when producing the very most reliable safety equipment.

Quality Control

Before reaching the shelves, all machined components are subject to stringent checks.

Nothing gets passed these guys!

Keen attention to detail makes sure no sub-standard parts are used, so you can be reassured that every single unit produced is without fault.


To make the final assembly, components are carefully put together by our experienced bench technicians, who know the products like the back of their hands.

The expertise and professionalism of our people means consistency. It’s vital that important details don’t get missed.

Globestock always produce safety equipment of the highest standard, delivering peace of mind.


All of our fall arrest and anchorage devices undergo a drop test before being sent out of the door.

This final drop test is over and above any necessary standard, but we go beyond compliance to deliver extra confidence in the equipment.

Our customers depend on Globestock’s safety equipment to perform and protect when it matters. These are products you can trust.


Specially-designed packaging materials safeguard our products in transit, ensuring they reach customers in perfect condition.

We only use carriers that we trust, and regularly scrutinise the performance of any third party companies that we partner with.

A bespoke stock management and order processing system assists us in completing 90% of orders within just five days.

In other words, you can rely on us to deliver when we say we will!


We deliver industry-leading training too! We love sharing our expertise.

Globestock’s dedicated training suite is routinely utilised to deliver our staff development programme, ensuring an impeccably high standard in what we do.

The training facility is also used by our network of service agents, keeping them abreast of best practice and service standards.

Our people’s knowledge and professionalism combine to deliver industry-leading product support.


Contact us:  info@globestock.co.uk     |       +44 (0) 1691 654 966


Engineering Protection Since 1982