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All of our PPE products are CE certified under Directive 89/686/EEC.

The G.Tripod™ conforms to EN795, the G.Stop™ / G.Stop7™ conforms to EN360 and the G.Saver II™ conforms to both EN360 and EN1496

Our 300kg, 500kg and 1000kg G.Guard™ load arrestors are CE certified, conforming to European Directive 2006/42/EC.

The G.Winch™ is fully CE certified.

We also manufacture a 1500kg G.Guard™ load arrestor, which is currently awaiting CE approval.



CE Certification

CE Certification

We strive to ensure the very best levels of quality and reliability in our products. As such all of our PPE Safety products have been rigorously tested and carry the CE mark of approval.

Engineering Protection Since 1982